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13:57 Ticket #469 (Write about git commit access requirements) closed by rspanton
fixed: Git page contains things.
07:15 Ticket #1151 (sr-live-image-core: Depend on live-boot 3) created by cmalton
sr-live-image-core should depend on live-boot 3 because 2 is not good …


21:15 Ticket #1150 (sr-router-config-sudo: Unable to upgrade) created by cmalton
For some reason, when upgrading sr-router-config-sudo, it deletes the old …
17:46 Ticket #1149 (Logging which schools haven't sent in all consent forms) created by jhacker
An online system that tracks which schools(or specific competitors(which …
16:50 Ticket #1148 (Purchase PPL licence for SR2012 competition) created by rspanton
Dear Sirs, We need a PPL licence to be able to play music. I'm happy to …


20:04 2012/Procedure Fail created by rspanton
Two tickets where procedure has not been followed.
19:52 Ticket #1147 (Admin page submits review against current IDE team, not team selected for ...) created by plaw
If you go to the IDE's Admin page to review a team's content, you'll find …
19:18 WikiStart edited by rspanton
Add a link to a page that'll collect a list of failings of procedure (diff)
19:01 InterMapTxt edited by plaw
add a budget-line prefix (diff)
10:07 Ticket #1146 (Ghosting text in IDE) created by abusse Chrome 17.0.963.79, Fedora 16. If you can't see …


21:12 2012/Competition/PowerNeeds created by cmalton
20:36 2012/Competition edited by plaw
link to some related pages (diff)


14:24 Ticket #1145 (Theme the competition) created by abusse
One outcome of the NSEW day was the realisation of the value that theming …


22:40 Ticket #1144 (Music) created by alynn
We should a-hunt down some creative commons music for the second day since …
22:11 Ticket #1143 (Allocate lieutenants for setup and tear-down) created by alynn
I'm delegating out oversight of the various parts of setup and tear-down …
22:04 Ticket #910 (Interface with iSolutions about a network connection in Garden Court) closed by alynn
fixed: Chris and I spoke with ISS a couple of weeks ago in person and sorted this …
22:04 Ticket #696 (Add FET to disconnect the charger from the battery) closed by abusse
fixed: We've moved over to LiPo batteries now, we don't use the power board to …
22:02 Ticket #975 (Get media consent forms from RMS) closed by abusse
wontfix: This team has evaporated
22:02 Ticket #977 (Get media consent forms from STA) closed by abusse
wontfix: This team has evaporated
21:38 Ticket #1142 (Create the SR2012 Tokens) created by abusse
We need to create all the tokens for the competition. Alistair has …
21:34 Ticket #1141 (SR github Mirror) created by abusse
SR is already beginning to use github as an alternative to optimus. …
20:40 Ticket #1140 (Prepare auxilliary things for the competition) created by plaw
Alistair's asked me to look after the following things, and, so that I …
00:53 Ticket #880 (Pay me for Alu for SR2012 mech kit) closed by jmorse
fixed: Paid.
00:52 Ticket #875 (Pay me for RUBs for kit SR2012 kits) closed by jmorse
fixed: Paid.
00:51 Ticket #871 (Pay me for USB hubs and keys for SR2012) closed by jmorse
fixed: Paid.


15:00 Ticket #1139 (Full screen Edit window hides save box) created by plaw
* edit a file * go to full-screen in editarea * press Ctrl+S (save/commit) …


19:12 Ticket #1133 (srweb has issues with content that contains a BOM) closed by plaw
This is now live.
19:10 Ticket #1047 (Update copyright date on srweb) closed by plaw
fixed: I fixed this a while back, …
19:09 Ticket #1042 (Forum post blocking when pipebot isn't running) closed by plaw
This has been live for a while now.
18:53 WorkFlow created by plaw
create page; very basic details so far
18:43 Ticket #926 (Get the media consent form onto the website) closed by chewett
14:29 ParticipantStats edited by rspanton
Two teams dropped out so far this year (diff)
13:43 Ticket #1138 (802.11n WiFi dongle drivers on BeagleBoard) created by rbarlow
The current BeagleBoard images contains a few kernel mods for a selection …
13:38 ParticipantStats edited by rspanton
Remove incorrect estimate (diff)


20:37 Ticket #1062 (Personal Firewalls interfere with Network sign on.) closed by cmalton
fixed: Shipping for Tech Day 3 - hopefully will resolve all issues we had.
20:36 Ticket #1063 (sr-router-captive-portal: no_mac.php doesn't exist) closed by cmalton
Shipping for Tech Day 3
13:51 WikiStart edited by abusse
Add a page that will list everything remaining to do for NSEW day. (diff)
00:24 Ticket #1137 (Purchasing email test) closed by jmorse
fixed: According to scarzy, this works.


15:28 Ticket #1137 (Purchasing email test) created by jmorse
This is a test purchasing ticket. I've configured trac to make "treasurer" …
01:36 2012/Competition edited by rspanton
Add descriptions of a couple of roles (diff)
01:34 2012/Competition edited by rspanton
Add the beginning of a list of volunteer roles (diff)
01:30 2012/Competition edited by rspanton
Add title (diff)


19:51 Ticket #1136 (Better error message when the camera isn't plugged in) created by plaw
One of the teams just reported an issue in our code that …


19:21 Ticket #1135 (Prototype the arena Bucket Barrier) created by plaw
This year's rules have us building an inner 'wall' in the …


21:08 Unicode Art edited by plaw
Add jmorse's pony (diff)
21:04 Unicode Art edited by plaw
I wany my unicode pony (diff)
21:03 Unicode Art edited by plaw
? (diff)
21:01 WikiStart edited by plaw
link to treasury (diff)
21:00 Purchasing edited by plaw
link to treasury (diff)
20:59 Claiming mentor travel expenses edited by plaw
link to treasury (diff)
20:59 Treasury created by plaw
Info about the treasury
16:00 Ticket #1134 (Arena Displays + BB-xMs) created by abusse
Supplies for Arena displays: || Qty || URL || Cost || …
12:28 2012/Schools edited by plaw
swap out the TD2 column for a TD3 one (empty as yet) (diff)


20:14 Ticket #1133 (srweb has issues with content that contains a BOM) created by plaw
If you add a UTF-8 BOM to one of the content files in srweb, then the …


21:49 CompNetwork/Firewall edited by plaw
fix trac syntax abuot the !, add newlines. (diff)
21:21 CompNetwork edited by cmalton
21:20 CompNetwork/Firewall created by cmalton
Add firewall description.
20:46 Ticket #1122 (network-auth: Passwords stored in PHP Session Data) closed by cmalton
Shipping for Tech Day 3
20:42 Ticket #1034 (network-auth: sign-out not universal) closed by cmalton
wontfix: As network-auth is now used for just authing to the network, and no creds …
20:41 Ticket #1132 (network: Impossible to log out) created by cmalton
Once authenticated to the network, it's nigh on impossible to log out!
19:02 Ticket #1131 (Better error for missing index pages) created by plaw
Currently, if you visit a page that doesn't have an index page, such as …


22:27 CyanIDE edited by plaw
Add a note about configuring the log location on shared hosts. (diff)
22:27 Ticket #1091 (Log file location not configurable) closed by plaw
This has in fact been live for a while, not that it being live is really …
21:07 Ticket #1130 (If one logs in with an all-caps username, the IDE thinks that you're in no ...) created by rspanton
Whilst at Gresham's I observed some amusing IDE fail. If you sign into …


16:44 Compd edited by rspanton
Add a title and a TODO for a description (diff)
15:27 libsrhw created by rspanton
Beginnings of page on libsrhw
14:55 WikiStart edited by rspanton
Add link to libsrhw page (diff)
13:39 Ticket #1129 (Kill robot code after 3 minutes when in comp mode) created by rspanton
Matches last 3 minutes, so we should get robots to stop doing anything …


22:20 Ticket #1128 (Write the 'basic_IO' tutorial in the docs) created by plaw
This was something that was planned when the docs were first created, but …
12:52 Compd edited by sphippen
09:52 Docs/WishList edited by rspanton
Rename robustness set to "making a robust robot" (diff)
09:48 Docs/WishList created by rspanton
Create a preliminary list of docs that would be good
09:33 WikiStart edited by rspanton
Add link to docs wish list page (diff)


21:02 Ticket #1106 (Ship replacement motor board to BWS) closed by rbarlow


22:15 SricFrames edited by hcutts
Moved the templates below the board list, as it makes sense. (diff)
19:42 Ticket #1127 (Organise viewscreen solution.) created by plaw
cf #1101. GC has no projectors/etc, of its own, so we need some …
08:20 Motor Controller 4 edited by rspanton
Correct reasoning behind current motor board having 1 motor (diff)
01:32 Motor Controller 4 edited by rbarlow
Add an intro to the uC part and fill out the 1v2 motor section (diff)


22:54 Ticket #1126 (userman errors after login failure) created by plaw
If you use userman and type the wrong password, then this is usually …
22:20 TeamStatusPage edited by plaw
srweb isn't actually up to date any more (diff)
22:09 TeamStatusPage edited by plaw
update location of the utils scripts, mention them also in the image … (diff)
19:12 TeamStatusPage edited by plaw
add Organise image moderation to the go live list (diff)
12:51 Ticket #1125 (Pay me for shipping replacement motor board to BWS) created by rbarlow
I've shipped a replacement motor board to BWS as they broke one. It was …
02:56 Ticket #1124 (Add SRIC stats collection to (msp430)libsric) created by rbarlow
The SRIC firmware automatically handles retransmissions and in the case of …
02:51 Ticket #1081 (Add SRIC command for reading battery voltage) closed by rbarlow
fixed: The stack overflow problem has now been resolved by freeing up 100 bytes …
02:48 Ticket #682 (Disable motor rail by default) closed by rbarlow
pyenv containing this feature has been shipping as of 2012-02-15


01:18 libkoki created by rspanton
Fill with stuff about libkoki
00:48 WikiStart edited by rspanton
Add a link to a about-to-exist libkoki page (diff)


17:57 Ticket #1123 (DPA data in /tmp on optimus) created by jmorse
While looking at the network sign on goo, it appeared to be storing …
17:51 Ticket #1122 (network-auth: Passwords stored in PHP Session Data) created by cmalton
On Sat, 2012-02-18 at 17:44 +0000, Chris Malton wrote: > > On 18/02/12 …
16:00 TicketSystem edited by rbarlow
Add a link to the beginnings of the ticket scanning program (diff)


10:54 TicketSystem edited by rspanton
Clarify what "clearly over 18" means (diff)
10:53 TicketSystem edited by rspanton
Whoops: Move LDAP down in the document (diff)
10:51 TicketSystem edited by rspanton
Add details of existing and proposed LDAP groups (diff)
10:49 Ticket #1121 (media consent form must require username of competitor) created by rspanton
The media consent form currently has a field labelled "Username (if any)". …
10:39 TicketSystem edited by rspanton
Separate benefits of ticket system from information about it (diff)
10:27 TicketSystem edited by rspanton
Clarify that tickets will be required for entry -- they're not optional (diff)


14:59 TicketSystem edited by jmorse
Explain why tickets exist in the first place (diff)
04:14 Ticket #1068 (Expose battery level in pyenv) closed by rspanton
04:12 Ticket #1108 (Update pyenv dummy to include the new battery status API) closed by rspanton
Now shipping.
03:10 Ticket #1098 (No on robot) closed by rspanton
03:10 Ticket #1096 (No lock around JointIO transactions) closed by rspanton
03:08 Ticket #1107 (Update docs to include the new battery status API) closed by rspanton
fixed: Rich has …
03:05 Ticket #1120 (Use the cloud9 IDE) created by rspanton
When we originally created the IDE, there were no existing web-based …
02:54 TicketSystem edited by rspanton
Add a note about zbar (diff)


23:19 Ticket #1119 (Using timeouts to repeatedly get locks is not a good design choice) created by rspanton
The IDE will regularly spray errors at you. I have been lead to belief …
22:52 TicketSystem created by rbarlow
Write up notes from whiteboard
22:40 WikiStart edited by rbarlow
Link to a new page on the ticket system (diff)
19:44 Ticket #1118 (Remove most SRIC txrx timeouts from flashb) created by rbarlow
flashb currently has timeouts set on all of the calls to sric_txrx, …
18:55 Ticket #1117 (CIA doesn't like receiving notes pushes.) created by plaw
Git notes are a cool way to add …
17:22 Ticket #1116 (Use SRIC 'vbuf' data instead of manually-managed integer for firmware ...) created by rspanton
For a long time, the (msp430) libsric library has baked git hashes for …
12:49 SR gEDA component library edited by rbarlow
Update with the change to 'only SR symbols' policy (diff)
00:10 SymbolGuidelines edited by rbarlow
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