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We aim to provide a regular mentoring service for schools that are close enough to one of our branches. The mentors are usually university students, and will provide support and guidance to the teams they mentor, aiming to provide both knowledge of the SR kit and of building robots for SR competitions in general. They also monitor the team's progress, and are the teams' primary point of contact with SR.

Throughout the year we also run intensive sessions knowns as "Tech Days", which bring together all the teams an mentors from an area to help teams make lots of progress.


Student Robotics hosts private forums where all the teams (including the teachers) and mentors can ask questions and get answers. We have found that this is a remarkably productive way of solving problems with the robots, and we encourage all participants to answer each others questions. Near the beginning of the competition, students and teachers are given their login details which allow access to both the forums and the IDE.


As far as is possible, all the kit that we provide to schools is open-source and fully documented online. The documentation is made available online for all the competitors, and includes both detailed schematics of the hardware, as well as walkthroughts for setting up their robots. There is also a guide to programming in Python, the programming language used for students to program their robots, and examples on what their code should look like.


£75 is provided by Student Robotics for each team to buy the extra bits & pieces they need to build the perfect robot. This is not the maximum that teams are allowed to spend but it should be enough to buy motors, wheels and any other components needed to make the robot extra special.


We provide a web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where the teams can develop the software for their robots. The online nature of the IDE avoids the need for the students to install any software on either their own or their schools computers, greatly accelerating the start of their programming. It also ensures that the teams code is always available to them, as they can connect from anywhere with an internet connection, and don't need to worry about whether they have the latest version with them. The central IDE also allows us to push updates to the SR software running on the robots to fix bugs or to add features.

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