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Welcome to our runbook. This aims to be a single source for all Student Robotics internal documentation, including information for the Competition Team and Kit Team as well as other activities.

Content Guidance

The runbook aims to document all the Student Robotics specific information which a volunteer might need. This includes the historic context for the way that things are currently done, the reasons behind that approach, as well as the instructions on how to do things.

In that regard, the runbook aims to be descriptive rather than prescriptive. We are always open to new ways to do things, though by recording the reasons for our current approach we aim to avoid needing to rediscover that repeatedly.

Scope Limitations

The runbook aims to provide general information as far as our own specific information goes, so that it can always be a starting point for understanding. There are many cases where it should not contain the actual documentation:

  • Information about Student Robotics' structure as a charity. This instead is documented by the trustees in the ops manual.
  • Detailed information about internal (or external) tooling. These instead live with the tooling so that the runbook is not coupled tightly to the development of that tooling. Note: the runbook may contain guidance on our approach to using external tooling, or recipes for using tooling which are common to us but too specific for general documentation.

mkdocs has the power to resolve and validate links, however only when they're in a specific format. Links to pages inside the runbook should be relative, and end with the .md file extension (ie [some other page](./volunteering/ produces some other page). This way, mkdocs will correctly validate these links. Links which don't follow this format are not validated.